Evaluation Of A Research On Software And Tool Path Generation

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2. Review of Literature Basically research in FDM can split into three categories 1. Novel applications 2. Materials 3. System improvements This systems improvements mostly based on software and tool path generation, layer by layer algorithms and part orientation. The basic FDM process changed since 1980’s and it has three Cartesian linear actuators, extruder and temperature controls. To print different materials multiple heads can be used. Research published on FDM extruder so far is very little. Adaptive filament deposition (AFD) and planar layer deposition (PLD) are the two patented techniques Tseng has for the freeform fabrication of metals and ceramics AFD uses a conical spindle which is kept inside a deposition head it is…show more content…
As the current limitations imposed on constant diameter and shape nozzle, so authors focused more research on variable shape and diameter nozzles. 3. Errors due to Circular Nozzle In a horizantal plane, the axisymetric properties of circular noxzle makes FDM more convenient to use. But the angles drwan from the nozzle are eual to the radii or more . Figure 2. cross sectional Geometrical error by circular nozzle. The error is obtained by the following Equation: Error = r/sin (θ/2) – r Where r = radius of the nozzle and θ = angle of cross sectional geometry. The Following figure is drawn between the intended angle made by nozzle in digress to the error in geometry. From the graph it gives clear idea that when the geometrical angles are larger in any geometry the errors are less. This illustrates as we go to the larger angles the error is going to be reduced.the three lines in the graph describe mutiple units of radius (say 1,2,3…). Figure 3. Graph showing minimum geometrical error of an angle printed with a circular nozzle. 3.1 Limitations of Circular Nozzle • It is difficult to draw sharp external corners since we are using circular nozzle there would be radius equivalent to that of the nozzle at any corner or edge. • Round corner and edges 4. Project Proposal The proposal we made to overcome circular nozzle problem is to introduce
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