Evaluation Of A Research Project

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6.1 Introduction and overview
This section describes the methodology used for the research. It considers first the philosophical position agreed for the research, then the methodology involved in the research. In this case, the research was made up of a focus group, using a sample of young people and adults with LDD and a small number of parents and carers who completed questionnaires. The methods of data analysis were then documented, and the final section reflects on issues of validity and reliability.

6.2 Philosophical position
It is understood that all research is centred on the researchers motivating philosophical assumptions. Smith and Wood’s opinions are that “worldviews and philosophical positions are the basis for making
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Furthermore, these worldviews and philosophical assumptions are what researchers have endorsed to carry out their research along with their chosen methodologies for the expansion of gathering new knowledge in a given study (Frels and Onwuegbuzie, 2016). Therefore, to conduct and evaluate any research, it is important for that reason to know what these assumptions are.

6.3 Epistemology foundationalism
It is explained that “Epistemology is a term that describes the nature of knowledge and the means of knowing; “how we know what we know” or “what we conceive as a truth” (Kuada, 2012, p.59) and the way knowledge is created and constructed or revealed and fixed (Wisker, 2011). Epistemology also provides a philosophical background for deciding what kinds of knowledge are legitimate and adequate, which helps with the most novice of researchers who quickly select a data gathering method as they are keen to get on with the job (Gray, 2011).
Positivism is seen as being concerned with gathering facts about a reality that is seen as real (Silverman, 2006) in order to explain human behaviour (Bryman and Bell, 2011). In opposition to this is interpretivism that seeks to understand human behaviour (Maylor and Blackman, 2005), whilst constructionism holds the belief that as reality is socially constructed and subjective there are multiple realities, Berger and Luckman
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