Evaluation Of A Research Study

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Procedures First research question – interview. The interview for the first research question occurs after the pre-screening call, at a time set by the researcher and the participant. It will start with an overview explaining the purpose of the research, affirming the time commitment, answering questions the participants have, assuring the participants that their input will be kept confidential and confirming to them that they can leave at any point without repercussions. The researcher and the participant will review and discuss the list, with the researcher recording and taking notes. The approach will be collaborative and fluid. The intention is to have the participant suggest changes to the list that they think could aid in the research, while the interviewer affirms that all suggestions will be given due consideration but ultimately may or may not be included, at the discretion of the research team. At the end of the interview, the researcher will summarize the suggested changes, gain confirmation, affirm confidentiality, thank the participants for their time and ask if they wish to continue with the next phase of the research. The recording will not be transcribed. It will be kept as a reference to be listened to should clarification be needed during data analysis. The notes from the interview will be summarized, typed and grouped by the item on the list that they refer to. Second research question – intake and questionnaire. The intake discussion for the second
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