Evaluation Of A Research Survey

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The research survey was fairly effective in helping me identify focal areas as a coach, design strategic steps to provide the missing areas of support, and implement those steps to connect with teachers. The survey feedback was valuable in showing how well I have done with my relational connection; I believe this is a product of my cognitive coaching. Conversely, knowing that 84% of the teachers desired more planning support provided a clear target. Unfortunately, the research plan was implemented in the last two months of school, not the optimal time to start something new with many teachers. I expected a better response from the teachers to voluntarily sign up for an extra planning or modeling session. My first email was a Google Doc…show more content…
Nonetheless, I am glad that those who wanted extra support in BTSA had this opportunity, even if the planning focus was minimal. 2. As you think about the event more deeply, what might be some other reasons why you have those impressions, thoughts, or feelings? When reflecting on the coaching sessions, there were patterns that were seen with all seven and, yet, each was unique. One of the teachers was able to communicate that she was still not comfortable using the “Number Talk” strategy that she had learned from me at a professional development workshop earlier in the year. She requested that I modeled this strategy. Afterwards, she communicated her relief that she was on the right track. One of the teachers had expressed her desire to watch me model, but was unsure of what she wanted to see yet. During our hour long planning/reflecting session, she decided she would rather focus on designing a lesson plan that would fit her students’ needs as well as her team’s unit on the solar system. Open House was also a couple of weeks away, so we spent some time collaborating on ideas to showcase the students’ work. The BTSA teachers’ sessions were either collaborative or very teacher centered as I would prompt them with questions. All three were grateful for the extra time set aside for them with a sub to have some focused catch up time. The most powerful session I had was with one of my intern teachers. She was
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