Evaluation Of A Research Survey

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The research survey was fairly effective in helping me identify focal areas as a coach, design strategic steps to provide the missing areas of support, and implement those steps to connect with teachers. The survey feedback was valuable in showing how well I have done with my relational connection; I believe this is a product of my cognitive coaching. Conversely, knowing that 84% of the teachers desired more planning support provided a clear target. Unfortunately, the research plan was implemented in the last two months of school, not the optimal time to start something new with many teachers. I expected a better response from the teachers to voluntarily sign up for an extra planning or modeling session. My first email was a Google Doc invite that resulted with two teachers responding. Due to this minimal return, I initiated with another email informing them that I would provide a substitute teacher for their classroom for a 30-60 minute planning/modeling session. After the second one, I heard back from three more teachers. Out of the five teachers, two wanted planning sessions, one wanted a model, and the remaining three wanted time to work on BTSA. A thirty percent return is pretty successful for the end of the school year around testing time and Open House. Regardless of their response, I was able to communicate to all of my coachees that I had listened to their feedback and was available for them. I would have liked all of the sessions to have focused on planning or
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