Evaluation Of A Research Topic Using Various Scientific Methods

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Reflection: Action Research There are many ways to approach on solving a research topic using various scientific methods. Research methods are mainly use in decision making that guide the researchers to develop and test out their hypothesis to their study. Action research is a type of applied research that uses systemic approach to evaluate and observe countless solutions to a problem. Action research is most likely to be used in educational setting, where educators to find and use applicable information to solve and improve an issue in a collaborative setting (Creswell, 2005). Action research is unique since it can be done in collaboration with educators with similar goal and mind set. Action research uses mixed method study where it includes both qualitative and quantitative data. The usage of systemic approach along with scientific method it enables researchers to gather unbiased information during data gather and decision making.
Action research is unlike most research method where it conducted in spiraling cycle. Action research study is done in four different stages; planning, acting, developing and reflecting. This method is done in a cyclical process unlike most linear studies. This method allows researchers to evaluate, observe and reflect that data until a plan is developed with an achievable goal that they have in place ( Mertler 2006). There are two types of action research design a practical one and a participatory one. A practical action research…
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