Evaluation Of A Resident Adviser Of Freshmen For Une And An Emt Basic

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As a Resident Advisor of freshmen for UNE and an EMT-Basic, I have experienced many different situations that involve adolescent behaviors first hand. In an article written by Thomas S. Weisner, he points out the idea of Ecocultural theory where a “child’s engagement in more sustainable routines and activities is good for children, and produces well-being” (279). This idea that it is the being’s responsibility to manage their life after receiving guidance from their daily influences based on cultural pathways allows me to be who I am now. As I continue my education in the University of New England, I am able to observe the many cognitive processes (psychodynamic, social inference, etc…) with the residents on my floor. Many situations can impact what students choose to pursue in the future and it is powerful when you realize that you can influence that choice. With this information, I understand that anything can impact human development. The most important influence is the first choice that their caregiver has.
Since the shocking experience, I have formed thoughts about religion and politics that mainly apply to who I believe I am. Being raised by a Russian orthodox parent, I was influenced to believe in some sort of beginning of life and reasoning for all that exists to exist. My mother would constantly nag me to go to church on Sundays and pray before I went to bed. I ended up not following a religious standpoint once I began college and rather thought of scientific

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