Evaluation Of A Salary Survey For Leadership And Membership Of The Apics

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I. Introduction Our team was commissioned to perform a salary survey for the leadership and membership of the APICS. We surveyed a sample of the APICS and received responses from 1,973 members on their individual compensation and the demographic and business factors that may have an impact on that level of compensation. The demographic factors surveyed included: age, gender, years of experience, education, and certifications. Business factors included the job type, the level of each member’s managerial responsibility, and number of employees in each responder’s company. We will present a summary of the survey results as well as a recommendation for consideration. Tables to support the analysis are referenced in the summary and can be…show more content…
It is important to note that only 32% of the respondents are female. This ultimately is a large factor to consider when making specific assumptions using the survey data. Even though certain parts of the survey data weigh more heavily such as the supply chain category and the general survey population being roughly 68% male, the data shows specific factors and trends that lead to higher levels of compensation. Advanced education is one of the strongest factors that results in higher compensation. The survey responses range in education from a high school level to a PhD. While the majority of the respondents have at least a bachelor degree, the data shows that having a master 's or more results in a minimum of 12% higher than average compensation at $100k+, with compensation being 51% higher than average for PhD respondents at $137k (Figure 3). While education plays an important role in compensation, so do certifications. The survey asked if the respondent had a CPIM, CSCP, or both certifications. The data shows that the average compensation for an individual with a CPIM certification is $95K for an individual with a CSCP certification, and $106k for those individuals holding both certifications. While the average compensation for those individuals without any certification is $85K. The data shows that having a certification can lead to a greater than average compensation of at least $10K for having one certification compared to those individuals

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