Evaluation Of A School Entry Vehicle

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Area Analysis
SGT Michael J. Ege
17-001/ 1st Platoon
SFC Duplessis / Mr. Arnold
25 October, 2016

Area Analysis
It is important that I learn the area I am working in for my yearly mission. In this market analysis paper I will discuss demographics, different school programs I will administer in my local area, and different quartile objectives that result in a full year plan as a whole. I will discuss plans I have for a school entry vehicle that will allow me to get into my biggest high school. The unit I am responsible for recruiting in is B- 1-186 Infantry, located in Klamath Falls OR and it is an Infantry Company. Demographics My assigned area is Klamath County located in Klamath Falls OR, Lakeview OR, Chiloquin OR and Malin OR. This area consists of 7 high schools and two colleges that I will be working with. The estimated population for my assigned area is 67,124 with the core population being 12,837. The total military age population is 7,024; male military age is 3,619 and qualified female military age is 3,405. The median household income for Klamath Falls is $38,752 and the average county income is $54,990. 86 percent of people in my assigned area have high school diplomas and 20.8 percent have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Population per square mile is 1,052 and the land area in square miles is 19.81. The unemployment population in my area is 2,756 and the unemployment rate is 10 percent. My area consists of manufacturing plants,
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