Evaluation Of A Selection Process

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During our whole life, we have to pass for different types of selection process and with different purposes. Some of them require specific skills related to the job or course, which can refer to a company or a university. In both cases, the participants are subjected to some tests, interviews and analysis of the Curriculum Vitae (also known as CV). After some selection process, the employers who define the “right person” can be considered unfair or biased, depending on the final result and participants involved. This report aims to discuss how impartial is, and argue about the different aspects of a selection process, considering some data related to bias selection process and how this process can be conducted. A recruitment represents a complex and hard process for a company, which can occur for various reasons in a business, such as: a new position was found by an employee, who left the old company; retirement and illness also represent a reason why employees leave the business; growth inside the company require a higher number of employees, needing a selection process; attempts to diversify the staff, who has different skills and knowledge; and temporary replacements are required due to illness, maternity of paternity. Recruitment process is very exhaustive and costly. Because of this, the companies have tried to discover how the employees feel about their jobs and relation with the company. (Trotter, 2013) The correct abilities and skills are fundamental to determine the
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