Evaluation Of A Self Assessment Of How I Have Progressed Throughout The 12 Month Accelerated Nursing Baccalaureate Program

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As I complete my final 144 hours needed to earn my second baccalaureate degree, my practicum comes to an end. The purpose of this paper is to perform a self-assessment of how I have progressed throughout the 12-month accelerated nursing baccalaureate program. Areas of focus based upon my own strengths and weaknesses include: clinical skills, leadership and management skills, professional conduct and behavior, and professional communications. Overall, I believe that I have grown an immense amount as a person, while my nursing skills and knowledge have developed significantly since my first day in the accelerated nursing program through my last day of practicum. I feel that I have been able to successfully achieve the College 's philosophy of providing clinical leadership related to the nursing process through lectures, labs, and clinical experiences. My experiences throughout the program have prepared me to effectively provide care in the assessment, outcome identification, implementation, and evaluation of patients and their families. I am able to collect data on patients relating to their diagnosis and utilize appropriate assessment techniques. I am able to formulate nursing diagnoses specific for each patient, as well as plan my nursing actions based on the selected nursing diagnoses. I provide safe care to my patients with minimal discomfort. I am able to effectively administer correct medications, in the correct dose, to the correct patient, at the correct time, by the…
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