Evaluation Of A Semi Structured Interview

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Analysis of Results In order to meet the study objectives, in addition to the case study, a semi-structured interview was conducted using non-random sampling. As respondents of the interview had to have particular characteristics such as ability to value property and knowledge about the property market, estate agents were contacted. A total of 7 interviews were conducted with estate agents in the West Hampstead/Kilburn area. The interviews lasted approximately 10 minutes. The participants were as follows: Table 2: Participants Participant Company 1 Maygrove Estates 2 Hunters 3 Foxtons 4 Foxtons 5 Dutch and Dutch 6 Plasso 7 Plasso All the participants had between 6 months to 6 years of experience of being an estate agent. As stated previously, recording the interviews was not allowed due to confidentiality reasons therefore there might be a slight bias in the responses as they were written by the interviewer and not transcribed. For each question the analysis involved coding the answer by placing it into a category. Once the categories were established they were placed into a table and the frequency of each was recorded. The method of analysis is a descriptive method of frequency distribution. For each question a table of the frequency of distribution is presented together with a bar chart followed by an analysis of the results and discussion. The raw data is available in the Appendix 7. Section 1: Understanding sustainability Question 1. In your opinion do buyers
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