Evaluation Of A Software Engineer Essay

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Christopher is a software engineer employed by a company, to assist with the design of software used in facilities, belonging to the public health and safety sector. An integral part of the design process is the testing of the software system; Christopher is responsible for determining whether the software passes the test and makes subsequent recommendations based on the results. Under previous testing standards, the software’s performance was proven to be satisfactory. With the impending release of new testing standards, Christopher cannot confirm whether the software will satisfy them without conducting further testing. The additional testing will cause a minimum delay of 6 months, increasing production costs which would cause the welfare of existing jobs to be exposed to risk, due to financial strain. Besides this, client satisfaction would diminish. The additional costs will transfer to the state utility rates, attracting the ire of the public. With the client’s inclination to continue without the additional testing, the main issue arises with Christopher’s inability to assure the software’s performance under the new standards.
The challenge presented regarding applied engineering ethics, is to plan a solution where a comprehensive consideration of all relevant ethical principles, is conducted. Due to the inherently ambiguous nature of applied ethics, its respective application to the aforementioned scenario will occur in reference to the IPENZ Code of Ethical Conduct.
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