Evaluation Of A Strategic Business Plan

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A strategic business plan follows a structured process which defines the purpose and goals of the company, and then adds the actions necessary to reach those goals. Quality planning will provide more recognition and commitment to the quality effort. Quality Council: The group which will develop guidelines, measure progress and assist with implementation of the quality objectives. The Quality Council is responsible for the growth, control, and effectiveness of total quality. Quality Policies: Guidelines that the organization’s employees and management can follow. A quality policy states the intentions and directions of the organization with regard to the quality. A quality policy usually has statements that indicate a company will meet or exceed customer expectations, delight the customer, ect. Strategic Quality Goals: Goals that are specific, quantified and scheduled towards product performance, service performance, customer satisfaction, quality improvement, or cost of quality. Having quality goals placed in the strategic business plan indicates to all employees that quality goals have special importance. Deployment of Quality Goals: To spread out, delegate and assign the main strategic goals to the lower levels of the organization. Resources of Control: For each goal, resources must be secured. Measurement of Performance: Each level of the organization will regularly compare its progress against the goals. These quality reviews should be held in conjunction
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