Evaluation Of A Student Evaluation

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Students were given a candidate evaluation form to evaluate me as their teacher. The students received this form on October 15th 2015, and the form was due back by the end of the class period. I instructed the students not to put their name on their evaluation, as this is an anonymous evaluation. My intentions for stating this, is for the students to know that I would not use the information they wrote against them in any way. Once they finished they were to pass them up to the front tables. The chart following displays 19 students’ evaluations.

The students’ responses were mostly positive, which was great to see while evaluating the evaluations. One of my strengths were “expecting all students to learn”, which didn’t surprise me because I make sure every student knows I believe in them and expects them all to give their very best in my class. For all of my students to see this, it’s a given that another strength would be “treats all students fairly”. My goal is to make sure every student is given the same opportunity and know my main goal is that they learn the information in a safe environment.
I am a firm believer that as an educator you must know your content, but you must be able to deliver the information to the students. My students feel that I know the content, but I also want them to see that I am able to deliver the information to them to meet all of their needs. “Teaching the subject matter so I understand it” and “Uses different ways to teach the lessons that…
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