Evaluation Of A Student Program Evaluation Reports And Complete The Criteria That Were Provided By The Instructor

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The assignment is for the student to search program evaluation reports and complete the criteria that were provided by the instructor, such as identify the evaluation it illustrates, and identify the methodological strengths, and weaknesses. The article, “D.C. Department of Mental Health School Mental Health Program SY 07-08 Report”, discussed the limitations and barriers of learning opportunities provided to many helping professionals within the school districts, youths, and the parents. This program offers services that are individualized to the schools and provide adequate services that are evidence-based treatments. This program was implemented in multiple school districts to help the students and make the schools a safer environment.…show more content…
Therefore, the article evaluate the effectiveness of the evidenced-based services that was provided to the students. The outcome of the services that were most utilized are Good Touch Bad Touch, Connect With Kids, and Botvin’s Lifeskills were the most effective programs for the students. The Satisfaction Surveys were distributed among children and youth receiving services; however, there were limitations that affected the results. Also, the parents, teachers, and school staff completed the satisfaction survey to obtain their viewpoint on their satisfaction of the clinicians. The children, youths, and the parents filled out the survey on their positive experiences that they had with the clinician. The teacher and staff filled out their satisfaction survey that pertained to the effectiveness of the clinician when working with the students at the end of the year. At the end of the year, the surveys were distributed to the school administrators to be completed and returned to the School Mental Health Program. In addition, there were assessments that the principal had to rate their perceptions on the school atmosphere. Also, the School Mental Health Program clinicians provided workshops that were affiliated with the school. At the workshops, the clinicians distributed satisfaction forms that were provided to the respondents and collected by the clinicians. First, evaluation illustrates is the satisfaction of the participants that received
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