Evaluation Of A Student Program

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School Committees, RTI Members of the IEP team are, the school psychologist, school counselor, assistant principal of special education, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and social workers. Members of the PPT are the same members of the IEP including the RTI coordinator. The PPT uses an individual case conference to determine if the needs of that individual student have suggestions for school wide interventions or programs. If the student is having problems academically or behaviorally, the PPT closely examines that student’s case to see if the school can change to better this student. As described by the school psychologist, RTI is a three-tier program that mainly focuses on prevention. The school concentrate on prevention by ensuring the school is using appropriate and evidence based methods to work with all students. RTI assist the school in determining which students need individual intervention and services and makes the PPT /IEP team aware of areas where there are school wide issues that need to be addressed. The PPT team determines what tier the student should be categorized in by using observational notes and academic data. Tier 1 is standards aligned instructions for all students and is the benchmark. Tier 2 is supplemental interventions for students at some risk and is strategic. Tier 3 is supplemental interventions for students at high risk and is intensive. The PPT performs according to the tier the child falls into. The RTI plays a
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