Evaluation Of A Supervisor At The Royalton Map Program

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As a supervisor at the Royalton MAP program, a before and after school child care program offered through the Elementary school, I see multitudes of different kids: kids who interact well with others, with a small group of friends, with one single friend, those who choose not to interact at all, and those who do not know to interact appropriately with others. Managing these different kinds of kids can be very difficult. It requires an understanding from me as to why they play with the students they do, why something might have happened, and how to get to the bottom of it. The students who do not know how to play with others are the most difficult to manage. If an argument occurs between them and another student, they use violent words and physical actions to communicate their emotions because most times they do not know how to express them. A perfect example of this kind of student, was Oliver Clemens at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Oliver was a new student to the Royalton Elementary school this year. When he started the year and began attending MAP, he struggled for a very long time. He was a very hostile child who often chose to play alone for the sole reason that he hated everyone else, and did not want to play with anyone. None of the staff knew how to handle to him, and because of his violent outbursts and yelling, many of the younger students were afraid of him.
Oliver never listened to the teachers at MAP; he constantly argued with them. Every night

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