Evaluation Of A Team For The Performance Of An Activity From One Individual

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Delegation is the transfer of responsibility for the performance of an activity from one individual to another while accountability for the outcome is retained. Registered Nurses transfer responsibility and authority for the performance of an activity but remain accountable for overall nursing care and management. In order for delegation to be effective there must be someone who supervises. Supervision is the act of making sure that the work that has been delegated has been performed effectively and the result has been communicated to the person who delegated the activity. In most cases Registered nurses are the ones who act as supervisors. In this abstract from the information science magazine Liu says, “For instance, a user cannot be …show more content…

Unstable patients need a more qualified person to perform those duties. Because such patients may need more or further assessment on the patient which the PCA is not trained to do. Fear of being victimized if one refuses a task also plays a big role when it comes to delegation, some junior employees fear of being reiterated if they refuse a certain task and instead of saying that they are not comfortable doing it they go ahead and do it ineffectively which in most cases cause injury to the patient and may end up violating the nurse practice act. In the Fundamental of Nursing Wilkinson states that “Nurses must be familiar with the definition of nursing at their level of practice. A nurse who practices outside the scope of practice can be charged with violation of the nurses practice act”. For example in my old job one of the aids was assigned to help a resident to transfer with a Hoyer , although she was trained in Hoyer transfer she had no physical experience in Hoyer transfer which ended up causing injury to the patient. The charge nurse new that the nursing assistant was new in the facility and she had been trained in handling patients using the Hoyer but she failed to ask further question if the nursing assistant is was comfortable in transferring the patient. The nursing assistant since she was new she had fear of questioning or asking for help and the

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