Evaluation Of A Therapy Program For Adults 21 Years And Older Essay

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Two Specific Programs
Sensory Program
A therapy program targeted to adults 21 years and older, the Sensory Program focuses on sensory integration, rehabilitation, and quality of life (Aptus Treatment Centre, 2016). Sensory integration is the process of absorbing sensory information followed by organizing and assigning meaning to said information, and thus, making it worthwhile (Aptus Treatment Centre, 2016). To respond appropriately and effectively to given sensory input and/or a situation, one experience appropriate sensory integration (Aptus Treatment Centre, 2016). The cliental of Aptus impairments in the way they integrate, process, and organize sensory information, resulting in feelings of confusion, stress and anxiety, frustration and fear (Aptus Treatment Centre, 2016). Thus, the goal of the sensory program is to reduce feels of anxiety, develop coping strategies, and offer opportunities in which to learn self-regulation and self-expression (Aptus Treatment Centre, 2016). As such clients participate in activities such as a period within the “Snoezelen Room,” “relaxation time” and “music” (Aptus Treatment Centre, 2016). The “Snoezelen Room” is an artificially designed space that offers a relaxing environment through soothing lighting, music, gentle vibrations, and tactile sensations (Aptus Treatment Centre, 2016).
Areas of Strength
Certain staff members of the Sensory Program continuously exude a love for their job, working with those with developmental
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