Evaluation Of A University Of Warwick Students Internationally Employable

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Brief I am to document, plan and reflect on a small project of my choice that will demonstrate my theoretical understanding of the course material. The project: • Is likely to be an event that could be delivered by a team of 5-10 individuals in a single term • Could be an existing piece of work that is being undertaken as part of a student society. Where this is the case, it needs to be made clear what aspect of the plan is being provided by the individual author The event: • Should provide some social good • Needs to involve a number of stakeholders both internal and external to the university. • Cannot involve activities that, if actually undertaken, could bring the university’s name into disrepute Executive Summary This project…show more content…
Project Team Management Structure Job Descriptions Role Responsibilities Project Sponsor • Authorises provision of resources • Ultimate authority over the project • Approves changes to the scope and provides additional funds those changes require Project Steering Committee • Manage the project at a high level and monitor project progress against the project plan, with particular emphasis on project schedule and project budget • Manage issues which cannot be resolved at the Project Team level • Provide guidance to the Project Manager and her team • Review and make recommendations on scope changes Project Manager • Develops and manages the project plan • Monitors and reports on progress against plan
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