Evaluation Of A Working Mic

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In Game Name: Directs Where are you from? (E.g US or EU & timezone): Central Standard Time Age: 14 (Male/Female): Male Do you have Slack/Teamspeak/Skype?: ( A working Mic are required) i have all three. Please provide Skype: Directs Have you been staff on any other server?: I have been Staff on SharpHCF (Moderator) and Trial Moderator on OvidHCF for a few months. Can you record?: Yes. Past Experience: Like I said before, I was Moderator on SharpHCF, this server was a good building block for me, I learned all the basics commands to staff, learned how to screenshare players, and learned how to be respectful and kind to everyone on the server. I was staff on Ovid also. This helped me reinforce the things that I talked about above,…show more content…
It 's almost summer time, meaning I can be super active on the network. I always record my bans, just incase of a player coming into ts saying that he was false banned, I would simply show him the proof. If he still is not satisfied, I will have to again have to explain the rule he broken, and show him that the rule actually does exist. Before screensharing a player, I will tell him or her to come into ts using the following sentence: "You have been frozen (insert player name). Join ts @ warfine.com. If you logout, you will be automatically banned." I consider myself a extremely good ss 'er. I would first tell him or her to change her attack button to right shift, attack, and then change it to grave, and attack on his or her screen. Next, I would go into his snooper settings, scroll to the bottom, and check what version the player is using. Then, resource packs, open resource pack folder, if this does not open then they had a USB client or some other type of inject able client. I could ramble along about this for another paragraph, but I 'd rather not waste your time. (I 'm sure that you have a staff handbook or screenshare guide anyway.) Why do you want to be apart of the Warfine Staff-Team?: This team in particular seems to stand out towards me. They seem very professional. Also, my friend Stilled (he recently got trial mod) won 't quit about how I should apply and how much
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