Evaluation Of Academic Performance Action Plan

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Action Plan Academic Performance Action Plan My academic performance goal for my Senior year is to maintain a GPA of 3.5. To achieve that, I have determined myself to achieve as minimum grades, two B+ and three A- for this semester and for Spring and Fall of 2017. So far, I have performed quite well on my exams and projects this semester. However, on one class I barely passed my first exam with a 70 even though I felt I was prepared to obtain a much better grade. Therefore, to achieve my goal of maintaining a GPA of 3.5, I’m tasked with preparing one week in advance for the exams on this particular course to achieve at least a final grade of B. In addition to that, I found that completing the assignments even a month before they were due helped me clear my schedule and allowed me more time to do research on internship opportunities. To determine if I have achieved a significative progress in maintaining a GPA above 3.5, I will join Beta Gamma Sigma on Spring 2017 and remain part of it until I graduate. In addition, I’ll change my studying technique for exams and prepare a week prior to the tests. I will be able to determine the effectiveness of such technique if I’m able to obtain at least an 80 on the second exam for the course I’m having difficulty with this semester. For next year, I will also apply the same approach of completing assignments a month before to clear up my schedule and focus time on improving my performance on the courses I could be struggling with.
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