Evaluation Of An Academic Fellowship Essay

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Since last May, I got the opportunity to get involved with the DMU through my collaboration with the
Centre for Urban Research on Austerity. This collaboration allowed me to know better the institution and, specifically, the Faculty of Business and Law and CURA. During this period at the DMU, I attended a couple of seminars, a couple of CURA meetings and, recently, the Faculty Conference. Through these different events, I got to know better the research lines of the Faculty and the excellent quality of its academic team. When I knew about this job vacancy through Prof. Jonathan Davies, I felt strongly motivated to apply. An academic fellowship in such a stimulating research environment with teaching responsibilities would mean a great opportunity for the development of my academic career. Moreover, my academic profile is consistent with the ongoing projects and lines of the Faculty of Business and
Law and appropriate for the vacancy.
I will illustrate the appropriateness of my profile and capabilities to the essential and desirable criteria required for the post in the Faculty of Business and Law and, specifically, in the Department of Politics and Public Policy, in two different parts, one for research and another for teaching. In the research field, I will first focus on the consistency between my primary research interests and skills and the main lines of research that the faculty has been recently encouraging. Secondly, I will focus on my academic capabilities and my
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