Evaluation Of An Android Application

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction The project aims at developing an android application entitled “IQ Tester”. This application primarily allows the user to give answer to certain questions on logical reasoning. So the user just needs to navigate through the questions and at the end the software will display the general IQ. The Application has three sections: ➢ IQ Test ➢ GK Test ➢ Binaural Beats The Application includes: ➢ Maintaining user details. ➢ Storing Username and IQ in the database. ➢ Keeping the score of each question and passing it to next Activity. ➢ Binaural Beats for enhancing Concentration ➢ GK Test for general awareness. 1.2 Purpose The goal of designing the Android Application is that it is user friendly and an easy IQ test for the students. 1.3 Objective The main objective of designing this application IQ Test is to lean the fundamentals of Application development on Android. We can use this app as a quiz app also. The scope of the project is very wide. This project is very flexible and can be easily expandable. The objective of IQ Test is to make a simple iq test for the user to generate their average iq. Each question has certain points and depending upon your answer the IQ will be generated. The application is very user friendly and interactive with the users. Student Portal provides the following benefits over traditional system: • Enhancement: The main purpose of IQ Test is to increment and advance the potentials of android programming by adding
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