Evaluation Of An Anti Bullying Program

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Initially we thought we were going to be able to conduct an evaluation, but with lack of time, we realized that was no longer feasible. Instead, we decided to take the idea of focusing on the evaluation tools and develop an evaluation how-to of Rachel’s challenge. Our goal was to have a manual to present to UVMC and allow them to continue the evaluation further with our guided manual. During our evaluation of Rachel’s Challenge, it became a concern to us that this program wasn’t really a bullying prevention program, but more a program focused on character building. After a lack of communication between the UVMC and Rachel’s Challenge connections we decided to shift our focus. We still wanted our final product to be a manual, but decided to focus on presenting it to a broader audience. What we went forward with was developing a how-to manual for evaluating an anti-bullying program. As I had already done some background research, getting started went smoothly. The process of developing the manual began with our previous class work. We used our complied work as a reference point to set up the contents of the manual. Since our class work was focused on Rachel’s Challenge we had to redo everything, minus my background work. Section were divided between Taylor and I and we each were responsible for three sections and manual and split responsibility for continuing research on the background section. Dr. Green suggested we meet with Randy, a research specialist from the library.
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