Evaluation Of An Assessment At The First Coaching Session

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Mohamed Ahmed PHED 554 Behavior Change Theory practice Questions on page 94 What is the benefit of asking a client to complete an assessment prior to the first coaching session? There are many benefits of asking a client to compete an assessment prior to the first coaching session. Assessments are important to both coaches and clients, because it saves a lot of time and gives overview picture of the current state of the client. Plus, clients gain insights and priorities their needs. Early assessment is also crucial for client’s health history. Furthermore, assessments help coaches approach clients who has significant health issues such as obesity, hypertension and back injuries differently than someone who wants to loose few pounds for summer. Describe the steps to take in reviewing a well-being assessment? When reviewing a well-being assessment the goal is not to evaluate the responses but rather to consider the responses with curiosity, because assessment do not provide the client’s entire story. Coaches should not try to find answers to the questions/problems client stated in assessment instead, they should support and empower client in building both self-esteem and self-efficacy. By reviewing well-being assessment it gives coaches indicators of the client’s stage of the change in order to design a coaching program that suits the client’s needs. When reviewing as assessment, what is the value in looking first for strengths and areas for celebrating? Reviewing
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