Evaluation Of An Assignment On Rfp For Web Site Design & Development Of Lasani Ontario Inc.

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GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE, CASE LOMA CAMPLUS TORONTO AN ASSIGNMENT ON RFP FOR WEB SITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT OF LASANI ONTARIO INC. Team members Muhammad ayub, Irfan-Elahi, Rehman Sadiq and John 12/4/2014 This assignment is for the web site development of Lasani Ontario Inc. for its Event Management Module TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Error! Bookmark not defined. Elements of Request for Proposal Functional Requirements Error! Bookmark not defined. Scenario or Use Cases Error! Bookmark not defined. Success Criteria Error! Bookmark not defined. Response Guidelines Error! Bookmark not defined. RFP Format Error! Bookmark not defined. Appendix 11 Appendix 1 – Example of Success Criteria Chart 11 Appendix 2 – Example of a suggested…show more content…
Terry Towels. Our objective is to serve our customers professionally, with the integration of marketing and merchandising expertise along with technical support to build such a comfort level with customers, which would make them feel that they are in the right place to get the true competitive merchandize with outstanding quality. We have strong business relations with Textile Manufacturers in all the cities of Pakistan; our committed, competitive and reliable manufacturers are the strength of our organization. Quality and Competitive Prices is our benchmark! Most of the importers find this liaison cost effective and fruitful enough as we source products much cheaper than their direct buying because we know the market trend in the country & keep an eye on the raw material prices and other associated factors. New addition in the business Line Now we have started another wing in our company for event management in Toronto and we have intention to expand its operation in the other cities of Canada as well as around the world. We have offices in Toronto Canada, Pakistan, Kuwait and Dubai. Mission Our Mission is to become the recognized leader in the Event Management worldwide Size It is a small well growing company with two directors and one overseas General Manager and two employees under GM and 6 staff member in Toronto Canada Locations It is located at 1487 Midland Ave, Scarborough, Canada. M1P0A1 and few offices in
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