Evaluation Of An Effective Teacher And Parent Is Positive

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When a new concept is introduced, it needs to be reconciled with our previous ideas and experience. We may need to change what we believe, but in any case, as educators we need to remain receptive acceptors of new ideas and enhance our own knowledge. To do this, we must ask questions, explore, and assess our shared similar experiences, as we observe each other and discuss teaching methodologies. This type of inquiry helps us improve by strengthening connections among us, the educators. We are encouraged to create stimulating discussions about our professional practices, thereby, building on one another’s expertise. To discover solutions and address the needs of our students, we need continuous inquiry and contemplative dialogue.
Much of the current thought is that a continuing relationship between parents and teachers requires a commitment to practice effective communication, yet what happens is sometimes is the back and forth verbal intended message is miscommunicated. It is critical that in the initial interaction between a teacher and parent is positive. This means that in order to develop an effective parent/teacher relationship, do not enter the communication relationship with any negative preconceived feelings, as this will hinder the teacher and the parent relationship thus unable then to function as a team. When both parties are communicating and focusing not what each other is saying but rather on your next comment or even incorrectly anticipating what the…
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