Evaluation Of An Event Organization

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For few people events are place of work while for others occasion is just a movement of recreation created to excite others. An event can keep going on for a few days or can likewise be of just a single day event. However in the event that the proprietor of the program and its coordinator consider the security of individuals and representative working for dealing with the occasion effectively. For the event to be successful and also fulfil its Vision and Mission statement the event organisation people have to plan every minute detail starting with the Budget and Accounting for the expenditure to the health and safety of people participating in the event, and finally post event sending out Thank you letter and messages to
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Critical Success factors –
1. Generate awareness and extend our hands to helping the disadvantage people.
2. To have reasonable number of people participate in the event and raise funds.
3. Have companies and cooperates involved in the event as sponsors.
4. Develop event program based on companies Cooperate Social Responsibility agenda
How does the event and program adjust to that sponsor’s objectives? Do they have representatives officially supporting the mission? What number of people have profited from such programs previously?
5. Generate funds and revenue from the event through individual contribution and understanding for the cause.
6. Ensure all cultures, communities and age groups participate
7. Entertainment and activities for the children and growth ups
8. Multi-cultural food and cuisine is served
9. Select and finalise venue based on the number of participants, types of activities designed, disabled access in the venue
10. Budget forecasting and specific budget header planning for the event and program smooth functioning. Coordination with participants, vendor’s management and all people contributing towards presentation of the event.
Internal Influences
Reason: Purpose of Event
Before doing whatever else, we must choose what the reason for this occasion is. Is this really a raising support event? On the other hand does it have different objectives?
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