Evaluation Of An Extraverted Feeler With Sensing Strengths

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After taking the MBTI assessment, I learned that I am ESFJ, other wise known as an extraverted feeler with sensing strengths. Extraversion means people who tend to focus on the outer world of people and things. Sensing tends to focus on the present and concrete information. Feeling tends to be based primarily on values and on subjective evaluation of person-centered concerns. Finally, judging tend to like a planned and organized approach to like and prefer to have things settled. My dominant strength is feeling and being able to help other people. With feeling being my biggest strength, we are best when responsible for winning peoples cooperation with personal caring and practical help. By reading on ESFJ, I found out that I am sociable, orderly, opinioned, conscientious and realistic. All of these definitions fit my personality perfectly and really define who I am. An ESFJ has many amazing qualities and one of them is the ability to radiate sympathy. They tend to concern themselves with the people around them and value harmonious people. Being harmonious is really big for an ESFJ because they find value in other peoples opinions and feel everyone needs to be heard. They want to live in a harmonious life so avoid conflict. The strengths ESFJ’s have could go on forever, but a huge strength is compassion. Their compassion and awareness of physical conditions often attracts them to health professions where they can provide warmth, comfort, and patient caring. Therefore,

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