Evaluation Of An Individual Assessment Scale

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Every individual has their own personality that is made up from a wide range of traits that combine and make each individual unique. By completing an Individual Assessment Scale, a questionnaire that measures your personality and other differences, an individual’s unique traits can be identified. The collection of unique traits identified after completing this questionnaire is not did not describe as positive or negative traits nor do you receive a good or bad score. The questionnaire was interesting in that it identified the personality and interests of myself and allowed me to compare this to others. It highlighted how different extremes of individual traits shape ones personality and determines how one would expect an individual to perform in everyday tasks, such as study habits. Two major models of personality, which are measured in the Individual Assessment Scale, include the big five also known as the HEXACO model and Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (RST) model. The HEXACO model was measured with a MiniIPIP6 questionnaire (R) while RST was measured using the Jackson 5 questionnaire. When these scales are completed you receive your score on these and other scales. These scores are used throughout this assignment to critically discuss my scores compared to the mean score of other participants who preformed the Individual Assessment Scale. The other participants are students who study personality and individual differences at Griffith University in 2016. The one HEXACO
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