Evaluation Of An Individual 's Transition Into The Field Of Psychology

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Reflecting back on the beginning of the Consultation and Supervision class, I had little prior knowledge of the different theories that supported the theoretical approaches used for supervising an individual’s transition into the field of psychology. In the duration of this course the instructor and my peers provided feedback and hands-on experiences to gain a better understanding what makes a competent supervisor. Through the course we had been supported, observed, monitored, and evaluated to assure implementation of appropriate skill sets for our future positions as a supervisor. It was essential during the course to have access to knowledgeable professional instructor that would assist us in gaining working knowledge for our professional future to ensure the supervisee and clients are protected during this transition into the profession. The coursework of this session included the use of competency-based approaches, psychotherapy-based approaches, ethical and effective practices of supervision, and different ethical and legal issues that may occur when being a supervisor or a consultant (Walden University, 2015).
The course examined the theory, process, and methods used in supervision and the practical skills that are needed to function as consultants and supervisors. We learned that supervision is considered the time where psychologists can acquire the knowledge and skill sets that are needed for supervisees going into the professional setting of psychology. This
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