Evaluation Of An Individual 's Unique Style Of A Bad Kids

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Conduct disorder is one of the disability in which children faced behaviour problems. In this disability children called as a ‘bad kids’ due to their criminal behaviour and negligence of following rules. Some of the behaviour problems in children associated with the Conduct disorder are as follows: • Continuous negligence of following rules from parents and other experts • Repetitive absence • Very easily adopt a habit of using drugs which include cigarettes and alcohol at early age • No regrets or feelings for others • Shows lot of aggression to animals and other people and adopt very cruel behaviours which include bullying and physical or sexual abuse • Always eager to start fighting with others and don’t hesitate to use weapons in…show more content…
Visual: Name itself suggest that learn by watching . Many traditional classrooms use Visual learning concepts for children rather than oral where they understand the concept of subject and get their skills • Remembering visual details • Needing to have paper and pen handy • Liking to write down instructions or see them demonstrated Kinaesthetic : This involved in the learning process and learn best through hands-on activities and movements. • Like to move around while talking or learning • Often talk with hands • Like to touch the things and learn about it • Remembering things of event like Who did , what we did etc http://www.kidspot.com.au/school/primary/learning-and-behaviour/learning-styles-in-children 8B Ans : Disability is a disadvantage or handicap especially one recognised by a Law. There are different types of disabilities and Common signs that a person may have learning disabilities includes: • Difficulty in reading and writing • Problem with math skills • Problem paying attention • Difficulty in remembering • Problem in organized • Poor concentration • Difficulty with related to time concepts 1. What are the indicators of learning disability? Ans: Many Children have difficulties in reading and writing or other learning part. This does not mean that they have learning disabilities. A child who is suffering from learning disability has several related signs which are persist over the time
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