Evaluation Of An Initial Assessment

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Initial Assessment The initial assessment was conducted in an EP’s office where Mrs. G. Patterson felt safe and comfortable, ensuring her current anxiety was acknowledged to develop trust. Effective communication and engagement was the priority, utilising patient-centred interviewing skills to build rapport, show empathy and ensure Mrs. G. Patterson was an active participant through the assessment phases. Person centred engagement was paramount ensuring possible barriers are identified and reduced, enabling the building level of trust and rapport using transparency, repetition, resources and patience (Stanton et al. 2015). Subjective Assessment Mrs. G. Patterson’s undertook an initial assessment screen tool, a series of directing…show more content…
Information gained from the referral, General client-specific information, General information required to participate in a physical activity program. Comprehensive medical assessment: including previous injuries, surgeries, medications and medical interventions not associated with diagnosis. Objective Assessment Information gathered during the objective assessment are based on the observations of Mrs. Glenys Patterson and all assessments selected from the subjective interview, general observations and justified using clinical reasoning. Assessment tools utilised: Body Composition: • Weight, Height, BMI, Waist, BF% (BIA) o Client goal is weight loss, therefore require a baseline measure against which progress can be assessed. o Client is sedentary, has put on weight, and being severely obese has high risk factors for the development of several chronic diseases and secondary health conditions. Gait, Balance and Functional Mobility: • Timed Up and Go, assesses client’s functional ability and can also provide information regarding gait pattern. • Balance Assessment, double leg stance and progress to single leg stance. • Mobility Assessment (Community Balance and Mobility Scale). • Independence in
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