Evaluation Of An Interview That Was Conducted With A College Student At Central Michigan University Essay

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Introduction As social workers we’re expected to practice in multicultural and diverse cultures. Therefore, with these expectations it is our responsibility to prepare and be educated on how to effectively conduct a practice with an individual of a different religious view or ethnicity. Learning about a client’s particular religion or ethnicity before interacting with them will help eliminate any offensive behaviors a social worker could unknowingly engage in. This research will also allow for the helping professional to acknowledge the possible influences the religion or ethnicity can have on the client. Being aware of these factors from the start will help us avoid any miscommunications that could occur between the client and the social worker at the start of their practice. Interview Process This paper is a documentation of an interview that was conducted with a college student at Central Michigan University. The interview took place at Charles V. Park Library on November 11th, 2016. It was done face to face and lasted over an hour. The interviewee, Pattalina, is a Laotian, middle class, heterosexual nineteen-year-old female. She was asked to discuss her family background, current life, and her experiences as a minority. The interview consisted of about twenty questions that can be found attached to this paper. Family Background Pattalina comes from a family of four; her sister (23), her mother (48) both Canadian citizens, and her father (58) who
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