Evaluation Of An Pre Assessment

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Assessments: Pre Assessment- The pre assessment will be the list of characteristic that describe them as well as the statements that they have heard people say about themselves or others, that they would consider predigest or a stereotype. This will not be graded but will help the teacher see where student misconception is. Formative Assessment- The Formative assessment will be the Venn diagram created on day two of the lesson. The diagrams will be graded based on the placement of characteristic of an assimilated and traditional Native American, as well as the student’s ability to evaluate the idea that many Native Americans are both traditional and assimilated in different ways. The main area the teacher will focus on are the differences…show more content…
A large part of this lesson includes writing down ideas that are difficult to grasp in a timely manner. For students who have difficulty writing quickly their goal will be to write down one thing from each part. If a student is unable to write they may pair up with a partner or verbally communicate their answer to the teacher. Another important part of these lessons will be the ability to take in information and then write about it, for students who have processing difficulty will be given printed off notes at the beginning of class to help guide their listening and writing in the discussion. If more assistance is need they will be able to have a sheet created by the teacher of possible answers to help guide them further. There are no foreseeable problems with this lesson for students on 504’s, since the work is done in one stationary place, though this can be evaluated on a student bases when needed. English language learners will be given the assignment in both English and their preferred language, audio clips in both English and preferred language as well as visual aids will be provided if needed. Underrepresented Students (Native American Students)- The very nature of evaluating what diverse characteristics make up a Native American person, may make Native American students feel signaled out or uncomfortable. As a teacher you need to be sure that the student
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