Evaluation Of An Transitional Care Order

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The practice intervention that I will be evaluating was undertaken in a local authority statutory children in care team. Kieran was made subject to an interim care order (S.38 Children Act, 1989) shortly after birth, following concerns that his parents were not meeting his basic needs in terms of food, warmth and nurturing. The mother Sarah has three children from a previous relationship who have all been removed from her care. Paul is the putative father and Kieran is their first child together. My role in this case was to assess the parenting capacity of Paul alongside concurrent planning for the adoption of Kieran. Paul and Kieran and were placed in a parent and baby placement as part of the assessment, however at the point of my intervention Paul had left the placement, leaving Kieran with the foster carers. Whilst this intervention was the subject of TMA 02 in my early stages of practice placement, there were further developments in that Paul was found not to be the father of Kieran and the birth father was in fact Sarah’s previous partner Martin, who was the father to her previous three children. Martin then made an application for the care of Kieran and therefore I was required to undertake a parenting assessment of him also. I have selected this case again as it demonstrates my continuing development as a critical practitioner in ‘applying reflection and curiosity to practice’ (The Open University 2016 a p.92) as well as how critical appraisal of further specialist
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