Evaluation Of Attachment Theory For Children With Disabilities

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Overview of attachment theory Attachment theory shows an emotional bond that connects one person to another, in this essay, the theory is explained as how it relates to children with developmental disabilities and their families along with how it is practically applied. This theory was first explained by John Bowlby (1969) who regarded it as the earliest bond needed for survival of the young children. He emphasizes on caregiving relationships to reinforce positive behavior, it is dependent on the ability of the care giver to correctly analyze behavious of the child and respond over time. With children with disabilities, it is seen that they have varying challenges ranging from diagnostic conditions to medical disorders and the parents are…show more content…
With different characteristics it is best to have a secure child. At the beginning Bowbly (1969) ties it to a biological base origin and this has further given researchers to further study this parent-child relationship, he believes that the attachment between a child and the caregiver creates a lasting impact over the entire lifetime of both parties. Attachment theory does not only focus on the relationship of the parent to child, but looks at it a dependence on each other, it emphasizes on the emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral components that ultimately reflects developmental changes over a long period of time (Howe 2006). The main point of this theory is that if the primary caregiver is dependable, it helps the child build a sense of security, because the child knows that the care giver is reliable so the child is more open to explore the world. From the beginning at infancy, people around influence how the child behaves, it is an indicator of how other future relationships the child encounters will grow. It is said that in the first year, the most important development is the creation of an attachment bond between a mother and the infant (McConnell & Moss, 2011). It is at this stage that the mother responds to the infants actions like crying or ache, if the attachment figure in this case maybe the mother, acts swiftly and promptly, the child feels safe and protected but if the caregiver does not respond appropriately, then the
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