Evaluation Of Classification Methods For The Prediction Of Hospital Length

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Evaluation of Classification Methods for the Prediction of Hospital Length of

Stay using Medicare Claims data.

Length of stay in hospital determines the quality of care and safety of patients. It depends on various

factors and varies among medical cases with different conditions and complications. Length of stay

depends on factors such as age, sex, co-morbidities, time between surgery and mobilization, severity of

illness, etc [1]. It can be assumed that reduced length of stay hospital is associated with better health

results and good quality of care. Length of stay in hospital also depends upon the quick response to the

emergency medical case. The earlier the response the less is the length of stay and less likelihood of death

compared to the late response on emergency cases [2].

Two different scenarios are used to examine the performance of various classification method, in order to

calculate the hospital length of stay and analysis of performance of different algorithms.

Scenario 1: The patient is just admitted into hospital and hence the available information is limited.

Scenario 2: The patient has already been hospitalized and the clinicians are already aware of the history of

the patient that is the diagnosis, clinical procedures and other hospital acquired information.

Data mining technique can be used on the above scenarios to determine the length of stay of the

hospitalized patients. Data mining analyses large data sets to find relationships…

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