Evaluation Of Collaborative Tools ( Blackboard, Social Media, And Online Calendar

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This assignment consists of four tasks – evaluation of collaborative tools (blackboard, social media, and online calendar) of a new project named accounting database creation using Microsoft Access 2010 of Reliable Software Ltd; estimate efforts of new project components based on the past data; analysis data for making conclusions of concerned components; and contingency plan development.
Assignment part 1 - Collaboration tools’ evaluation
Collaboration tools are described as whatever types of tools that allow team members to communicate interact and collaborate with each other when working (McAfee, 2009). with the use of internet and technology advancement, there is a variety of collaboration tools used between groups. This report evaluates the use of collaboration tools in a project named accounting database creation using Microsoft Access 2010 in Reliable Software Ltd (RSL).
Theoretically, the use of collaboration tools may be required by the company as one of its policies. However, in many cases, project managers freely select collaboration tools as long as they meet the project’s goals and objectives and support the implementations to achieve such goals and objectives. In addition, when selecting such tools, project managers need to consider to additional criteria such as the ability to access of all stakeholders, the ability to understand and use such tools of all stakeholders
In this project, because the company give the project manager the right to
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