Evaluation Of Dekalb, Illinois Development Plan

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Development plans are and should be a very complex piece of work. There should be a long process to come up with problems, goals, fixes and implementation strategies. This paper will be a summary and evaluation of DeKalb, Illinois development plan. It was adopted in March of 2005. There were both strong aspects to the plan, as well as areas that need much work to it. DeKalb’s plan considers multiple aspects for the development of many aspects of the community. The plan starts with the “Desired Development direction.” This was the beginning of their update to list off five broad elements for the future of the city including sustainability, continuous improvement, character, connectivity and cohesion. To follow these five elements, many meetings were held, a few large and many small, to get a view from a wide-range of people on what problems the city was facing. Multiple organizations were in these meetings such as the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce and the DeKalb Sanitary District Board. There were similar ideas thrown out by all groups that related to the character issues which include identifying DeKalb as a university town and the safety of the city. Influences outside of DeKalb include the Rochelle rail port and the Elburn Metra Train to help people travel into and out of the city. The population growth is one issue that the plan has to focus on. Much of the population growth in the ten years before this plan was due to an increase in diverse culture. Land uses from high…
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