Evaluation Of Ethical And Legal Rights

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CASE COMMENTARY ASSIGNMENT INTRODUCTION This case study is regarding the evaluation of ethical and legal rights, responsibilities, duties of those engaged in the medical profession. The case study deals with highlighting the relationship between the patient and doctor, and as a doctor his ethical responsibilities towards the patient which shall be discussed in detail. CASE STUDY For the purpose of this report, this case study deals with the patient meeting the doctor suffering from Acrochordon, which is a type of skin growth, commonly known as skin tags, and occur on people who suffer from obesity or who have this as a hereditary problem or at the time of pregnancy when a woman undergoes hormonal changes. It generally appears on the folds of the groin, on the base of the neck or under the breasts of females. These tags are soft, skin colored balloon like structures which are painless and are not at all cancerous in nature, but can be irritated through constant rubbing and may look odd in appearance. However, if the skin tag gets twisted on the stalk, it may cause a blood clot and can lead to the patient experiencing pain. There are a number of ways in which the same can be treated which are discussed below: • Cauterization: In this procedure the skin tags or growths are removed using the method of electrolysis. • Ligation: In this case the blood supply to the skin growth or skin tag may be cut off by tying the skin tag enabling it to fall off on its own. • Cryosurgery:
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