Evaluation Of Evidence And Literature

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Review of Evidence and Literature
The initial database searched was the Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature or CINAHL with full text. To ensure data received remained relevant and in compliance with the most recent guidelines the search was limited to information released within the last 5 years. The search was advance further by limiting the results to full text, peer reviewed, and only information pertaining to a population restriction of those ages 45-64 or middle aged. Key words used in guiding the research began with “HEDIS”, “compliance”, and “low income”. These terms were initially used as a basic search key terms due to the broad aspect to allow the researcher to gain more knowledge about the issue at hand. Understanding initially what HEDIS measures are and identifying who the regulating governing body is, evaluating published guidelines, and understanding population identified at risk will aid in guiding areas of concern.
Using these Boolean phrases proved to yield only two hits and neither were relevant to the discussion at hand. Attempts to gain more information led to the researcher to alter the Boolean phrases. The key words used to guide the research were changed to “NCQA” (the acronym for The National Committee for Quality Assurance), “HEDIS”, and “low income”. In efforts to yield a larger result foundation the age restrictions were excluded. The topic at hand limits research to those adults that are of middle aged or 45-64 years of age;…
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