Evaluation Of Huntington 's Thesis

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Evaluation of Huntington’s Thesis: A Reference to Muslim and U.S. Relations
Krystal Johnson
Savannah State University Evaluation Huntington’s Thesis:
A Reference to Muslim and U.S. Relations
In 1992, Samuel Huntington had suggested his idea on the Clash of Civilizations (COC) which he later, in 1996, discussed in more detail in his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (Huntington 1996). The most popular inference made from his thesis is the idea that post-Cold War conflicts will be due to cultural difference and religion rather than cooperation. Huntington surrounds this idea around eight major civilizations which are: Western, Confucian, Japanese, Hindu, Latin American, Islamic, Salvic-Orthodox, and African (Payne 2013). However, although there are individuals that support this idea, there have been many criticisms to Huntington’s thesis. This paper will critically evaluate Huntington’s thesis in relations to the Muslim-U.S. relations. Huntington refers to certain cultures being totally different whereas the culture of the United States is not that much different to that of the Muslim. Also, paper will address a study that provides qualitative data that proves that Muslim-U.S. cultural differences are unlikely to be the cause of conflict and other studies show that it more likely to be caused by other situations. Huntington also fails to provide a link between cultural characteristics and behavior as well as civilization and foreign policies.…
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