Evaluation Of Information From The Wider Marketing Environment

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Environmental audit Environmental audit, which is the systematic collection and evaluation of information from the wider marketing environment which might affect the organisation and its strategic marketing activities, is undertaken by marketing planners (pg. 333, Marketing Planning 2007-2008, Karen Beamish, Ruth Ashford). It is undertaken on a daily basis as it is considered to be very important for reputation management and public relations. Marketers should be aware of the changes in environment that could potentially bring impact on factors like customers, competitors, suppliers and markets. Although, the organisations are unable to control the players of the environment, gathering information on what is going around the environment…show more content…
The company could damage its image in market if any delay occurs due to political unrest in these parts of the world. Economical: After the world was hit by recession in late’ 00, it is gradually improving its economic stability. Oil prices have hit record high in past years causing inflation in world’s economy. Under such conditions, consumer’s purchasing power has reduced; as such they are not willing to spend money on electronic goods. Growth of unemployment rate in USA and Europe is a growing concern in recent years. Also currency exchange rate is really fluctuating in the course of recession, especially rate of dollar against euro and pound. According to the financial times, it is expected that US economy will take longer to recover from recession than any other countries in the world, resulting the loss in the value of US dollar. Social: Health & safety and environmental protection have come up as major issues in today’s society in where Apple runs its business. Today electronic industry would require further more certification and testing, resulting in the increase in the cost, in order to reduce the impact of high-tech trash on the environment. A number of rules to safely dispose the electronic goods have been implemented in several countries where Apple operates its business which may adversely affect the financial condition of the company. Particularly, European Union adopts this regulation, where Apple shares a big
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