Evaluation Of Leadership And Organizational Behavior Concepts Addressed

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Expanded Research Proposal Team P Qiana Jones Yaneris Lamboglia Shawn Eaddy Lavance Payne MGMT591 April 01, 2016 Prof. Nader Daee Table of Contents Expanded introduction to the organization. 3 Expanded description of your chosen problem. 6 Preliminary solution options 7 Preliminary analysis of leadership and organizational behavior concepts addressed in the paper. 9 References 11 Expanded introduction to the organization B&H Photo and Electronics, was founded by husband and wife duo Blimie and Herman Schreiber (B & H) in 1973. The only store, which is located on 34st in Manhattan New York, provides professional services and equipment needs to many customers and businesses. As photography and video transitioned from film to digital, the retailer seamlessly added computers and software to its product mix. About 15 years ago, B&H moved into the audio market, stocking mics, mixers, recording software, and anything else a producer might need to add sound to video. Most recently, the company added a selection of electronic keyboards. (Music Trades Magazine, 2015) B&H also has entered the digital age. As the company grew, not only they received a lot of customers and tourists, but they maintain an even larger presence online, ranking 13th in TWICE’s Top 20 E-tailers rankings, ahead of GameStop, Sam’s Club, QVC and Staples. (Wolf, 2014) The company faces serious discrimination allegations. The lawsuit alleges discriminatory practices and
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