Evaluation Of Lesson Assessments:. • The First Assessment

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Evaluation of Lesson Assessments:
• The first assessment is an informal assessment and it addresses objective three. It does not however, provide much insight as to if the students are accomplishing objective two. Also, I do not think that there is enough class discussion about the contrast of roles of family members, historical fiction, and memoirs to gain much of an understanding about where the students are with their learning.
• The T-Chart assessment is well thought out. However, there is no rubric so it will be difficult for the students to remember and know what is expected of them. It also, really only addresses objective three. This is a good idea, but it could be improved upon by the use of a rubric.
• The final assessment
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• Demonstrate comprehension by answering questions about a text after listening to it. o The second objective is measurable because you can determine if the students understand by the student’s answers to the questions. However, I do not like how vague the objective is. I think that the objective needs to add something about what type of questions they will be answering such as, key detail questions, character questions, etc. The objective is realistic, but there is no time, however, time is not always needed. o I would rewrite the objective this way:
• By the end of the lesson the students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the text by answering questions about key details in the text.
• Practice analysis by drawing connections between a text and their own experiences, by comparing and contrasting ways families are alike and different, and by categorizing information using a graphic organizer o This third objective is very wordy and seems confusing to me. I think that it is trying to address two separate standards in one objective, which is overwhelming. The objective is measurable, specific, and action-oriented however. The only problem is that the objective is unrealistic for one lesson because it addresses too many concepts in one objective. It also crosses curriculums, which could get confusing when assessing. o I would rewrite the objective this way:
• By the end of the lesson, the students will be
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