Evaluation Of Macroeconomic Performance Of Australia

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Evaluation of Macroeconomic performance of Australia and US from 1990 to 2013 Submitted by Professor Name Date Course Title Table of content Executive summary 1. Macroeconomic performance of Australia 2. Key macroeconomic indicators: 2.1 Real Gross Domestic Production 2.2 Interest rates 2.3 Unemployment rate 2.4 Consumer Price Index (CPI): 2.5 Exchange rate 2.6 Exports and imports 3. Macroeconomic performance of United States of America: 3.1 Real Gross Domestic Production: 3.2 Annual inflation rate in the United States 3.3 Unemployment rate in USA 3.4 Consumer Price Index (CPI): 3.5 Exports and imports of trade goods 3.6 Interest rate 4. Real GDP growth related to the other indicators 5. Correlation between interest rate and inflation and interest rate and unemployment 6. Macroeconomic indicators in both countries correlated 7. Monetary policy been tighter in the past decade 8. Prediction of the macroeconomic outlook of Australia & United State of America 9. Conclusion Executive summary The paper is the Evaluation of Macroeconomic performance of Australia and US from 1990 to 2013. The Australian economy has encountered persistent development and components low unemployment, contained swelling, low open obligation, and an in number and stable budgetary framework. By 2012, Australia had encountered over 20 years of preceded with financial development, averaging 3.5% a year. The US has the biggest and most innovatively capable economy on the planet, with a for every
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