Evaluation Of Mercy Rehabilitation, Tiffin Ohio

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Evaluation of Mercy Rehabilitation, Tiffin Ohio Imagine a four year old child, whose physicians believed would never walk or talk, walking into a rehabilitation center unaided for the very first time. With wide smiles and tear filled eyes, therapists and staff stop to stare with awe and pride, because they have watched this small girl struggle to accomplish this milestone for years. Unfortunately, this outcome may not be typical; however this has happened at Mercy Rehabilitation. Here dedicated therapists work to give patients the skills needed to return to living life as they were able before an accident or injury, and help children living with special needs reach their full potential. To patients seeking rehabilitation services,…show more content…
These and other services are provided to adults and children. Since Mercy Rehabilitation employees many excellent therapists, there is limited need for improvement in this area. The therapists are generally very knowledgeable within their field of expertise, and work well together to develop a unique approach to patient care. For example, an Occupational Therapist also works closely with a Speech Therapist in the instance of teaching a child to use an assistive communication device to best determine placement of the device, or whether the child may need any splinting of the hands to put their hands into a more functional position. Most therapists here listen to patients’ concerns on specific issues they want addressed during therapy sessions. For instance, when a child receiving speech therapy struggles with a specific word, that when spoken sounds inappropriate, a therapist addresses the situation promptly and professionally. Since therapists here communicate well with patients and parents, patients and their families gain an understanding of the goals the therapists are working toward. When developing a plan of care therapists consider parents goals for their children. Also therapists assign their patients homework to work on before their next appointment. Therapists working with
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