Evaluation Of Nursing And Nursing Education Essay

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INTRODUCTION We had 12 modules (each with 3MCQS) from block-7 (Education and Nursing Education). I will be identifying 10 concepts from them and thoroughly scrutinize how they would apply to my personal life, and other contextual settings such as social context, coupled with current related researches on these concepts. However, their applications to my current workplace (Havana Specialist Hospital, Surulere, Lagos) and the usefulness to the current world will also be discussed. The concepts are as follows: Evaluation (M10), Reporting and Recording (M8), Educational Assessment (M10), Performance Appraisal (M10), Addictions (M12), Counseling (M11), Interpersonal Relationship (M4), Motivation (M7), Group and Group dynamics (M4), and Selection Test (M10). 1. EVALUATION (M10) Evaluation is part of the final stage of the nursing process involving other parts such as implementation, planning, nursing diagnosis and assessment. It involves establishment of criteria, analysis of variables affecting outcomes and conclusions and modifications in the nursing care plan. As an integral part of learning and teaching, it involves collection and analysis of data continuously. According to Ralp Tyler “Evaluation involves determining to what extent the educational objectives can be realized. It goes hand in hand with learning experiences and instructional objectives. When an executive of an organization or an educational organization considers the success or failure of his
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